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Rescue the Recordings You Love

  We can rescue and restore:
Records: LPs, 78s, 45s, acetate
Reel to reel tape: All speeds
DAT & MiniDisc
Cassettes & Dictaphones

Recordings on older audio formats such as vinyl or tape often cannot be played or are at risk of deterioration. With our professional restoration processes we can transfer your cherished audio to CD or any file format ensuring that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our Services
We convert your valuable old records, tapes, MDs, or DAT's to CD or MP3 computer file. We can then rejuvenate them, making it easy for you to archive or appreciate your favourite audio.

Convert your old audio to digital

Do you have family or archival recordings on outdated media? Perhaps a vinyl LP pressing, or a reel or cassette tape of a much-loved family performance that you would like transferred to CD? We can digitise your audio to a current format for archiving or further processing.

A common problem encountered these days is reel-to-reel tape that refuses to play or deposits a sticky oxide layer on your tape heads. This need not be a show-stopper. Frequently, we can apply processes to bring these tapes back to life and recover your recordings.

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Repair any damage and remove noise

Once reformatted, we use state-of-the-art software to remove tape hiss, vinyl clicks, rumble, thumps, hum etc., leaving your recordings ready for transfer to CD or iTunes.
Old 78 record before click removal ...
Old 78 record after click removal ...

While modern technology can do wonders for damaged media, some records or tapes may be simply too badly damaged to restore. In such an event, we will return your media at no expense to you.

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Master & compile for CD or internet

Mastering is the art of making your final mixes sound polished and consistent across all tracks, and enjoyable on as many sound systems as possible. Over the years we have mastered numerous albums for CD release and download. Please contact us for further details.

Preparing your project for the pressing plant or digital download can involve several steps. These include …

  • Noise-stripping, de-clicking and artefact removal
  • 'Sweetening' of the tracks through EQ and compression - with a fresh set of ears
  • Raising and standardizing track levels across the album
  • Adjusting stereo width and adding ambiance if necessary
  • Arranging track order, levels, and gapping
  • Addition of IRSC codes. These codes act as international track identifiers and are important - especially for iTunes download.
  • Real-time checking of the final master for integrity
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Our Clients


  • Libraries, museums, universities, religious organizations with historical recordings
  • Government departments and archives
  • Film and documentary producers with historic audio to digitize

Music Creators

  • Musicians, singers and band leaders with classic recordings
  • Producers of albums to master or compilations to assemble
  • Choirmasters and church music directors with media for distribution

Music Lovers

  • Families with recorded memories of loved ones that they wish to preserve or share with friends on the internet
  • Hobby groups with recordings
  • Amateur choirs

About Us

Music Restoration NZ began life in 1987 as a recording studio located north of Wellington, New Zealand. Quickly gaining larger clients, we produced numerous albums and digital resources for local and global record labels as well as government departments.

Our successes include the production of New Zealand’s first Grammy® award-winning album for Naxos Records in 2004.

Now operating from a stunning rural location near Pukekohe in South Auckland, we specialise in bringing valuable recordings back to life.

Our Pricing

Every job is different and pricing will depend on the type and condition of the original media, and the extent of restoration required. Discounts can apply to larger jobs. All work includes:
  • Real-time transfer to digital format
  • Click, hum, and tape-noise removal where applicable
  • Normalization & EQ (volume & tone improvements) if needed
  • Addition of CD track markers where applicable
  • Printed labels
  • Archiving
  • GST inclusive
Please call or email for pricing details.

Studio Equipment

Analog Gear
  • Otari MX5050B-II2 ¼"
  • TEAC A-7300 ¼"
  • Revox B77-HS ¼"
  • Fostex E16, 16 Track ½"
  • Technics RS-BX828 Cassette
  • Technics RS-B965 Cassette
  • TT: AT LP-120 (modified) with range of LP/78 carts and styli
  • Digital Gear
  • Fostex D-25, 4 head DAT
  • Fostex D-5 DAT (2 units)
  • Sony DTC-60ES DAT
  • Sony TCD-D7 DAT
  • Sony JA20ES MiniDisc
  • Panasonic MiniDisc
  • Rega Planet CD
  • RME UCX interface
  • Echo Layla interface
  • Monitoring
  • Dynaudio BM15A monitors
  • Jamo C807's
  • Monitor Audio sub
  • Yamaha 100 Sub
  • Sugden Headmaster pre
  • Exposure 3010S2D amp
  • HOFA DDP Mastering
  • Room treatment: RealTraps
  • Contact
    The Music Restoration studios have relocated to the peaceful Bombay Hills
    near Pukekohe, South Auckland, New Zealand. Call David for directions:

    Phone: 09 9477561

    Mob: 027 3528558

    email: david@musicRestoration.co.nz